Top 3 Things to Look for in a Condo or HOA or Property Manager

In many ways associations like condo trusts, or homeowner associations (HOAs) make it easier to get collective efficiency for joint owners of a property, and help ensure its proper maintenance and protection for all.  However for many associations, particularly self-managed ones, it can be challenging to effectively distribute the workload of running such an association.  This is where the services of a proper management company come in.  Not all property and condo management firms are alike, and have different strengths and weaknesses with some being more ideally suited for specific applications.  On whole there are a few things we recommend looking out for when it comes to a manager for your condo, or homeowner association (HOA).

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Dust Masks – What do the Letters and Numbers Mean?

Not to long ago, our team went through the EPA Lead-Safe Renovator training program, so we make sure we keep ourselves and your family safe when working in situations where there may be lead paint.  One of the questions that came up as part of this was what do the letters and numbers you see on dust masks actually mean?  The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is who came up with these ratings, and they actually mean something.  We thought we would share some of that wisdom.

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How to Install/Support a Farmer Sink/Apron Sink

Recently, one of our customers decided to go with a mass production cabinet for their kitchen.  They are good quality cabinets, solid finish and features, and a great value for the price.  Yet, they don’t always come with everything.  In this case, we were missing the hardware to support a farmer sink, but came up with a great way to support this potentially heavy structure without taking up a lot of room.

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