No matter its form – Water is a Home’s Enemy

In the last two weeks alone, we have been helping customers who have experienced the force of water, and not just in a single form, but in all three.

For about a week, we had plunged into the single digits in the Boston area, and water in it solid form was the enemy.  In one case, a small condo association had its giant, 2″ check valve for its fire sprinklers freeze, creating a nice crack in the side.  Luckily, one of the owners recognized some water on the floor, and we were able to get it repaired before that solid turned back into a liquid, and caused even more damage. In addition, we added insulation and smarter heating in the closet where the valve is located.

In another case, it was water in the liquid form, and later gaseous, that struck.  The owners came home to a cold house, and went to the basement to check the heat, only to discover a foot of water.  How did this happen? The drain pipe to a sump pump got knocked off, and instead of pumping ground water outside, like normal, it was pumping into the basement.  Not only did this damage or destroy a number of personal items, but it killed the heating system, and clothes dryer.  With no heat, the water throughout the house and heating system needed to be turned off and drained while we work on repairs.  While pumping the water out was the easy part, combating the gaseous water was a bit more challenging, especially in winter.  Fans and heaters going constantly, and working to get the moisture outside as best we can was step 1.  In addition, carefully removing wet drywall that was already starting to grow mold was step 2.  With the need for a new boiler, and a lot of clean-up work this double-team of water is looking to cost in the tens of thousands.


Water is a fierce enemy to homes, but with the right team on your side, we can make recovery, and then prevention as smart and efficient as you are.

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