How to Install/Support a Farmer Sink/Apron Sink

Recently, one of our customers decided to go with a mass production cabinet for their kitchen.  They are good quality cabinets, solid finish and features, and a great value for the price.  Yet, they don’t always come with everything.  In this case, we were missing the hardware to support a farmer sink, but came up with a great way to support this potentially heavy structure without taking up a lot of room.

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Smarter Homeownership Tip – Make a Full Property Plan BEFORE Starting a Renovation

We often hear that people “just want a new bathroom” or “Just need a new deck” and want to take on this smaller project, because it is what they can afford right now. Breaking your renovations into smaller, manageable pieces is great, but to do it effectively, homeowners should really think about how it connects with potential future renovations or improvements for the whole home and property at large. Here are a few tips to consider before starting that small renovation.
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