Brand Builder Intern - June 2020

Seeking a kind, smart, generalist who can self-motivate (remote working), is addicted to understanding why people do things and finding the data to support it, and just wants to see things done better to make life easier for all. Interest for information technology, real estate and/or small business a plus! Ideally someone with the passion and potential to take on a role with unlimited possibilities for learning and growth with the hope of evolving into a full-time position with an exciting new venture.

Company Description:

Housequarters specializes in making homeownership, and everything that goes along with it easier. Our goal is for all participants in this two-sided marketplace to become smarter and more effective in how they interact, embracing a more digital, less personal contact world. Currently developing a platform to make operators of small home service business better, more efficient and more profitable at how they operate, with initial categories including trash/junk removal, tree pruning/removal, roof replacement, condo management and buyer’s agent brokering (with more to come!)

Job Description:

Housequarters is branching off into new technology products to help make interaction and information exchange between service providers as well as customers more efficient. We are currently building sub-brands for different classes of service providers including junk haulers, roof replacement companies, tree removal companies, buyer’s agent contractors, and more. This position will give the right candidate the opportunity to help develop and build the operations for these new sub-brands, providing insight into marketing and engagement of both sides of this double-sided market and executing the plans and strategies you help develop. You may also have the opportunity to develop your remote management skills by having an undergrad intern as part of your team for the summer. You will report directly to the CEO and will be given responsibility for a wide-range of projects and functions.

Tasks may include but are not limited to:

  • Market research into best channels and content to engage prospective partner companies as well as “selling them” on our solutions
  • Market research into best channels and content to engage prospective customers for the services our partner providers offer
  • Development of a data-driven and supported strategy for these initiatives, as well as implementing initial testing of these strategies
  • Adapting the plans based on the data and feedback from testing these plans
  • Assist in general operation tasks for the company

The goal for this internship is that you walk away having learned something useful that you can bring back to your course-work, and evaluate the potential for future full-time positions with the company or our partner companies (Or just have a great experience to talk about as you look at post MBA employment). We want this to be a helpful experience for you are willing to frame things in a way you could potentially use them for future class projects/papers/thesis. There will be at least one final deliverable that you will present to senior management and the intern class. If you are a recent graduate, and things progress well with the company over the summer, there could be opportunities to continue into a full-time role.

Qualifications and Characteristics:

The ideal candidate is what we call a “business athlete”. Essentially you are good at lots of things, might not be an expert in any one, but can quickly learn. Has the following:

  • A “self starter” independently motivated and driven to accomplish goals and meet deadlines.
  • Strong online research skills.
  • Background having developed online marketplaces is a plus.
  • You don’t need to have programming experience, but you should be tech-savvy and the kind of person who learns quickly and figures things out.
  • You must show strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to distill complicated subjects into messages useful to anyone.
  • Experience managing and successfully developing a small team is highly preferred. You’re detail oriented and extremely hands-on, you finish what you start, you love eliminating inefficiencies, you have an ownership mentality and tremendous amounts of initiative, and you want to learn and grow forever.
  • Willingness to assist in all aspects of the business.
  • Lastly, and highly important, you have a continual focus to always exceeding expectations.


Full time position with weekly stipend of $500 is offered plus potential bonuses if any of the strategies or programs you develop turn into revenue/growth/profit opportunities. This is also a remote position, with regular check ins via google hangout/facetime etc. So strong internet access is a must and you will be given a small partial reimbursement of $10/week to help cover internet costs as well.

Next Steps:

Please send your resume and an introductory note highlighting why you’re the best candidate for this exciting opportunity to