Get Help with EVERYTHING You Need...
Big AND Small, with Timely Information, and Efficient Management for $24.99

Smarter Homeowner Membership

  • Getting an answer within 48 hours on every request, even the small ones (Some information comes instantly)
  • Annual inspection of your property to help prioritize maintenance and services and know all the details to making owning easier for you.
  • Access to your property Concierges and our Virtual Handyman to help you right away
  • Recommendations on how to best care for your home
  • Full online profile of your property making it easy to keep track of all the little things you need to know.
  • Priotity service on everything from Housequarters
  • Annual membership fees are returned if you spend $7,500 with Housequarters during your annual membership (Restrictions Apply)

What is a Housequarters Smart Membership?

The Housequarters Smart Membership is a new way of making homeownership easier for homeowner and the professionals to help them.

What does the membership offer?

Personalized Guidance, Priority Services and Certainty

Our membership is designed to guarantee homeowners access to everything they need, including insights and guidance from our pros. Our pros gather as much as we can remotely, but also come in person to gather specific details about your property, and help you best care for your home. Information makes you a smarter homeowner, and simplifies homeownership. This helps you find the best solutions, and receive priority service and discounts on what you need along the way.

What does the membership cost me?

Membership is just $24.99

The annual inspection and consultation is worth the membership fee alone, so the direct, personalized advice and virtual handyman sessions are an added benefit. In fact, we use these membership fees to invest more in delivering you an even better quality service, making sure we have the best pros available for everything you need and helping you own smarter. And you get your fee back if you make more than $7,500 in purchases from Housequarters during your annual membership.