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Create Your Own or Join a Group Service in Your Area

Perfect for smaller jobs, services with high minimums, regular services, or when you are not in a rush:

  • Request Ones of Interest
  • Join ones others in your area have created
  • Further in advance the better
  • Do it all by Text Message, or OnYour Home Profile

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How it works?

Just add Your Mobile Number

Join the List

  • Join the list for your area, and get notified when new Neighborhood Buys are added, so you can join those you need.

Once the Buy is Full, It Gets Scheduled

Get Notified when the Buy is Full

  • There is a minimum number of participants for each Buy. When the minimum is reached, pricing and date info is shared so you can join if it works for you.

We Handle the Logistics, You Relax.

Everything Gets Done

  • Our pros come, perform the service, and you are ready to go!

Join Your Neighborhood Buys List »

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I recently hired Housequarters to remove knob and tube wiring in my house. Their quote for the job was fair. The team was very professional and finished the job within the estimated time frame. I recommend them highly .

John - Winthrop, MA