Learn more about how Housequarters gets paid for:

Property Brokering

How it works:
Generally, the the fees paid to both the buyer's agent and seller's agent are paid fully by the property seller. The two agents have an independent agreement on fee split set within the Multi-Listing Service (MLS), based on the purchase price of the home.

Fees Collected by Housequarters

Potential Housequarters Retainer Credit


Buyer's Agent

1.5%-3.5% of the purchase price of the home, paid by the seller's agent depending on MLS agreement, so you pay nothing out of pocket, other than the cost of your home.

Housequarters only keeps 2% of the purchase price as our brokering fee. Anything collected as part of the MLS agreement above that amount becomes a credit to your Retainer Account that you can for other products or services you need from Housequarters.

When acting as a Buyer's Agent, Housequarters wants to try and give you a head start with your new home, which is why we only keep what we need, and credit the rest back to you. Your new Retainer can be used toward any other services or products they may need through Housequarters.

Seller's Agent

4% of the purchase price of the home

None. We put as much back in your pocket as we can. For Seller's we just charge you a lower price.

When acting as a Seller's agent, we charge a fee lower than anyone else around, help optimize your value with project in your budget, and use strong marketing approaches to attract potential buyers.


How it Works:
Housequarters offers policies for home, auto, boat, flood, umbrella, and businesses from a number of insurance carriers, getting you the best converage and best price for your specific needs. The insurance carrier pays us a commission when you purchase your insurance from them. The amount is all within the same range, so we are incentivised to find you the best deal, not find you the carrier that will make us the most money.

Home Services and Everything Else

How it works:
Housequarters either has an internal team member or a dedicated partner who perform all the services you need for your home. We carefully vet, select, and test all our professionals to make sure they operate to the highest quality.

  • Homeowners must become a member ($24.99/month for 1 year commitment) to hire us to complete your services, but fees get refunded when you spend at least $7,500 in a 12-month period.
  • Our base pricing is competitive, but our system also recommends ways to save you money along the way. We are also your project manager for all these services, making homeownership easier in this way. Instant price estimates are available for a number of services by just answering a few questions.

Condo/Homeowner Associations

How it Works:
Housequarters feels managing a condo or homeowner association should be easy, and with our tools it is! We have options ranging from free, self-service, to full service property and association management, which are ideal for smaller and medium size associations.

Fees Charged by Housequarters


Active Association Management Solution
  • $39.99/unit/month (Min $999/year for the association)
  • Automated ACH collections and payments Included

Get the hands on property management services for record keeping and basic operations of your associations as well as coordinating basic maintenance services and master insurance from within our network. Also makes it simple to request various documents for things like 6D certifications, association records and mortgage questionnaires.