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Our Real Estate Agents Provide EVERYTHING You Need

Having an agent who knows more than just how to list a property will help you properly prepare, set reasonable expectations, and add confidence to potential buyers that the listing is complete and thorough. Our typical offering includes:

  • Commission rates as low as 3.75% total - Among the Lowest around
  • A master dashboard to manage listings, viewings and all aspects of the transaction
  • A team of experts and agents - beyond just a sales agent
  • Unique digital presentation of your property from true technology experts

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Not "One and Done" - We Want Lifetime Customers

How We Are Different?

  • Smarter Custom Bundles - What You Want ... One Price
  • Among the lowest commission rates in the area
  • Professionals who know more about a property than just how to fill out an offer form
  • Technology enabled - Better digital presentation of your home
  • Licensed Massachusetts Brokerage (#422238) and MLS Member

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