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Smart People Use Smarter Condo Management

The Tools, Experts, and Transparency Every Condo Needs

Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you have to. We make it easy and professional to manage your condo. Featuring:

  • Full digital dashboard for all condo owners to manage their membership
  • Fully transparent transaction features, document storage, budgeting and reports
  • Real-time banking transaction information
  • Automated collections and payments
  • Access to all the Professionals You Could Ever Need
  • Preferred pricing on any Neighborhood Buys projects
  • An independent set of eyes, making sure everything done to your property is done right
  • Insurance and Operations Management
  • Full property analysis capital improvement planning
  • Internal communications systems with All-Member, and Trustee Only messaging
  • 24/7 Access to see what is going on in your association
  • Fully Licensed and Insured Across All Aspects of Real Estate and Construction

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What To Expect

Condo Association Management

We Do the Work For You

  • Full digital dashboard for all members to manage their membership & see Assoc. operations
  • Full, real-time digital leger/bookkeeping system so all members can always see the Assoc. finances
  • Internal communications systems with All-Member, and Trustee Only messaging options
  • Expert Property Management Team and Responsive Points of Contact
  • Obtaining Master Insurance Policy and Operations Management
  • Full Housequarters Smarter Homeowner Membership
  • Access to all the Professionals You Could Ever Need
  • Association Document Storage and Access for Members
  • Automated collections and payments
  • Manage 6D and Mortgage Questionnaire Requests
  • Provide annual capital improvements and maintenance plan
  • Provide all association financial, membership, and record-keeping functions
  • Actively solicit, vet, and manage professionals for requested services

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How We Stack Up

What separates Housequarters Smarter Condo Management from the rest...

Self Management

Typical Condo Manager

Buy a Home
Condo Management

Full Digital Dashboard

Insurance Policy Solicitation and Management

Regular Professional Services Solicitation and Management

Capital Improvement Project Management

Digital Voting Platform

Electronic Association Messaging and Announcement System

Real-time Record Keeping

Real-time Budget-Tracking

Electronic Collections and Payments

24/7 Access to Digital Records Repository

Association Governance and Complaince

Annual Property Inspection and Analysis

Annual Budgeting and Financial Analysis

Instant Creation of 6D, Mortgage Questionnaire, and Brokering Summary Documents

Average Trustee Time Requirement 3-6 Hours/Month 1-2 Hours/Month 3-4 Hours/YEAR!!
Average Cost $0 $60-100/Unit/Month $49.99/Unit/Month
Overall Operational Transparency Low Low/Medium High/100%
Average Regular Expense Savings $0 -15-6% of Current Expenses 5-10% of Current Expenses

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