Frequently Asked Questions about Smarter Condo Management from Housequarters...

  • What licenses or certifications do you all hold?
    Directly, Construction Supervisor License (unrestricted), Home Improvement Contractor License, Lead-Safe Renovator License, Insurance Producer License, Brokerage License, and Notary Public. Within our aliiance, we have licensed eleticians, plumbers, gas fitters, HVAC and sheet metal pros, engineers, architects, and more. In addition, our team ranges from operators to academics, with strong expertise in data analytics having studied at places like M.I.T. to help make our systems more efficient.
  • What tools do you use?
    A custom-built solution to manage everything you could ever need for a property to condo from a custom web dashboard designed just for you. We also effectively communicate with trustees and owners using every mode of communication technology makes possible, to make things easier for you.
  • Are there restrictions on the vendors would be able to use?
    Nope! While we might make recommendations for us to handle certain services, you can use who you like. There may be restrictions on our ability to manage those vendors if they are not within our network.
  • Will we be forced to switch any particular vendors to work with you?
    Nope (Same as above)
  • How much of your system is electronic/web based vs. paper/internal documents only?
    100% electronic and web based for all to see
  • What additional fees come on top of your regular fee and for what services?
    There are on occasion additional fees for things like requesting paper copies of certain documents, or managing a special capital improvement project. We can often find ways to help you avoid these fees (such as printing a document yourself)
  • How long is your contract and how does renewal work?
    Contracts are generally annual, and renew each year
  • Is there a cancellation fee?
    Initially yes during your first year. After the first 12 months, there is no longer a cancellation fee as long as you give at least 30 days notice.
  • Who will I be working with in your firm?
    We will assign a dedicated person to your property, but any of our professionals should be able to help you.
  • How will I be able to obtain information about the association like budgets/financial records/mortgage questionnaires/insurance policy info/6D certificates etc.?
    Budgets are done annually, and all financial record-keeping is done electronically. In terms of the documents you need, they are made available on your dashboard for printing at any time. 6D certificates often require an additional notarization step, but initial requests can be made through the system.

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