Smarter Homeownership.

A Smarter Property Manager for Single Family Homeowners, and Small Condo Associations Designed to make property ownership easy.

Get Smart NOW!

Simple, Straightforward Approach to Residential Real Estate

Leverage a team of experts and licensed pros in all things home, using our proprietary systems and tools to do homeownership smarter.

How can I get smarter?

Smarter Homeowners with their own Tech-Enabled Team Making it Easy

Have a dedicated expert who is actively helping monitor property maintenance, finding personalized ways for you to save money, and helping manage any project you can think of.

Your own personal property manager, to help you be a Smarter Homeowner

team at work

Starting at $99.99/month

  • Annual property inspection, analysis, and recommended capital and expense planning
  • Dedicated Virtual Handyman to help answer questions, and accomplish everything related to your property
  • Virtual/Video calling with experienced pros to help with quick quick fixes, or answer questions before a pro even needs to step in your home
  • Rapid pricing and project proposal information to help you make the best decisions
  • Proactively searching for savings
  • Access to all the Professionals You Could Ever Need, with Priority Scheduling
  • Preferred pricing on any Neighborhood Buys projects
  • An independent set of eyes, making sure everything done to your home is done right
  • Free review and analysis of all proposals from non-Housequarters pros
  • Options for full service rental management
  • 24/7 Online Access to see what is going on in your home
  • Designed for single family, two-family, and individual condo units

Saving time and money with confidence things are done right.

Is there a more DIY-Friendly option?

Don't Quite Need Someone By Your Side for Everything?

Join Neighborhood Buys! For when you are not in a rush for home services and maintenance, and want it done right. Free to join your neighborhood and decide what you need.

Buying Together is Smarter for Homeonwers and Pros

save money

Buy Together = Smarter Homeowners

Use our efficient systems to get the information and pros you need to get regular projects done.

What about condo associations?

Smarter Condo Management

Specially-designed technology tools to manage the whole association digitally, increasing transparency, and compliance. Saving all condo members time and money

What does Smarter mean? - Larger Condo Association Luxury at a Small Association Price

  • Full digital dashboard for all members to manage their membership
  • Fully transparent transaction features, document storage, budgeting and reports
  • Real-time banking transaction information
  • Automated collections and payments
  • Access to all the Professionals You Could Ever Need, with Priority Scheduling
  • Preferred pricing on any Neighborhood Buys projects
  • An independent set of eyes, making sure everything done to your home is done right
  • Insurance and Operations Management
  • Full property analysis capital improvement planning
  • Internal communications systems with All-Member, and Trustee Only messaging
  • 24/7 Access to see what is going on in your association

On Average, new Smarter Condos Save 10-15% on their current association expenses

team at work

Starting at $49.99/unit/month

I'm a pro. How can you help me be smarter?

Smarter Trade Pros and Contractors Engage Customers with Smarter Tools

Leverage Housequarters SMS Web Sites, Rapid Quote Systems, and Even Join the Network to Work Smarter, and Make More Money

Tech and Business Experts on Your Team

save money

Customer Friendly Web and SMS Tools

save money

Smarter Company Operations

save money

Join Our Services Network

What do people think?


Relocating from San Fran, Housequarters was the defining factor that made purchasing and moving into our new home possible. They helped us with the search, managed the purchase process, and then helped with the actual move in. On the search, Housequarters helped us scope what we were looking for, generate a solid list of leads based on our criteria, provided impartial advice and perspective when evaluating properties , including reference data points and background information. They owned the inspection process, helped us find a lawyer, and oversaw the purchase process. After close, they even helped us with things like changing locks, installing new components, insurance, etc. Excellent service, diligent, friendly, and easy to work with - so valuable for us as first-time homeowners. Will continue to use for ongoing house management and any future purchases!

Lily - Boston, MA


Housequarters was very responsive to help replace our bathroom sink, coming when they said they would, and doing a terrific job. They were so professional, I had my neighbors calling to ask about them within hours of them finishing. I was happy to share the information. I will definitely recommend them to everyone

Theresa - Winthrop, MA