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Your Personal Property Manager for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you will ever need in owning a home.

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We are the team of experts in all things home, partnering with you to deliver optimal solutions, the best values, creative packages and confidence things are done right.

How does it work?

Smarter Ownership for Smarter Homeowners

Housequarters is the ONLY smart home solutions company that has the actual homeownership AND technology expertise to combing human and computer intelligence and deliver a personalized, smarter ownership experience. We are actual licensed professionals that understand the whole homeownership landscape for every aspect of your property and owning a home and actually manage it all for you. Our proprietary set of data and customer-friendly technology tools to complement our experts, provide the best information about your home, offer customized advice, and make you a smarter homeowner for FREE.

What does Smarter mean? - Create a Free Property Profile and Analysis and Find out!

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Receive a detailed, custom, full property analysis and recommendations.

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Utilize kits, instructions, tools, professionals and advice needed to be a SMARTER Homeowner

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Efficiently tackle the largest value-add tasks with just a few clicks, with comfort you are getting the best

What about condos?

Smarter Condo Management

Leverage our technology tools to manage the whole association digitally, increasing transparency, compliance, and saving all members time and money

What does Smarter mean? - Larger Association Luxury at a Small Association Price

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Self Manage

Use the tools on your own

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Full Manage

Our Pros manage for you
Starting at $24.99/unit/month

What do people think?


The Housequarters team was there every step of the way when I bought my house, evaluating properties, setting me up with terrific lawyers, banks for mortgages, home inspectors, and even the best handyman to change the locks. They made sure I knew everything I needed throughout the process.

Gabri - Dedham, MA


I can honestly say the Housequarters team is transforming my home. It started with the deck, now they did an amazing new kitchen and bathroom, suggesting options I did not even know existed. They even took me to pick out my counter-top slabs! I'm sure I'll have them back for the next improvement!

Gabri - Dedham, MA