Smarter Homeownership.

Your Personal Property Concierge and Fully Licensed Team for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE You Will Ever Need in Owning a Home.

May 25, 2020 NOTE: Our services are slowly coming back, and each project and opportunity is being taken on a case-by-case basis. All our alliance members are following local and state guidelines for protection, hygiene and general work-place safety.

Get Smart NOW!

Simple, Straightforward Approach to EVERYTHING Residential Real Estate

We ARE NOT a lead generation site. We are the team of experts and licensed pros in all things home, making us the go-to people when it comes to being a smarter homeowner

How does it work?

Smarter Homeowners Get Smarter Information to Make Smarter Decisions!

Smarter Homeowner Membership provides access to an alliance that can do EVERYTHING. Members get a single, Virtual Handyman to help them navigate everything for their home, as well as get an annual full property analysis and guide for all aspects of ownership.

Join For Only $24.99/Month

save money

Full Property Analysis
With a Plan of Action

Receive a custom property, create a 3D exterior model and provide a prioritized plan of how to best OWN it.

team at work

Dedicated Virtual Handyman
For Faster, Complete Answers

Have a single point of contact for all the answers to your homeownership questions, and efficiently help you get them done.

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Smarter Pros
with Great Service

Work with an alliance of top pros who communicate, collaborate, and want to make owning a home easier for you.

PLUS! Get your membership refunded if you spend more than $7,500 in a year with Housequarters (And remember, we offer EVERYTHING, so it's not that hard)

What about condos?

Smarter Condo Management

Leverage our technology tools to manage the whole association digitally, increasing transparency, compliance, and saving all members time and money

What does Smarter mean? - Larger Association Luxury at a Small Association Price

  • Full digital dashboard for all members to manage their membership
  • Fully transparent transaction features, document storage, budgeting and reports
  • Automated collections and payments
  • Access to all the Professionals You Could Ever Need
  • Insurance and Operations Management
  • Full property analysis capital improvement planning
  • Internal communications systems with All-Member, and Trustee Only messaging
  • 24/7 Access to see what is going on in your association
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Starting at $39.99/unit/month

What about Buying or Selling a home?

Smarter Brokering

First-Time Homebuyer Specialist.

More Information for Less Money for Buying or Selling a Home

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2% - Buyer's Agent

Because Broker Should be About More than the Transaction
Credit Back Anything Collected over 2% to use at Housequarters

Buy a Home

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4% - Seller's Agent

Because Selling Your House Should not Cost a Fortune.
More Expertise and 21st Century Approach = Better Results

Sell a Home

Want Home Improvement Prices?

Smarter Exteriors

8 Smartphone Pictures, can get the information you need to your Inbox to make a decision in 48 hours

Rapid Pricing on Roof, Siding, Window and Door Replacement as well as Exterior Painting

save money

Select the Service
and Receive a Link Download

Inside your Free Property Profile, you can select a quote for roofing, siding, windows, or exterior paint, and a link will be sent to you to install the App on your smartphone

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Follow the App Instructions
Take Pictures as directed

Take photos as instructed by the app around your house, and upload them to the service. The results are automatically sent to your Housequarters profile when complete

meet us

Receive a Custom Quote
and Get the Service Done

A full quote, ready for you to purchase will be sent to you, generally within 48 hours, all ready for you to make your purchase.

What do people think?


After purchasing our home, Housequarters helps us manage our condo association. They saved us thousands of dollars up front but identifying inefficient payments and vendors, they manage any issues (basically like our personal home concierge), and suggests proactive ways to ensure we are maximizing value of our home. They are very responsive, diligent, and prioritizes customer experience. Highly recommend overall.

Olivia - South End (Boston), MA


I recently hired Housequarters to remove knob and tube wiring in my house. Their quote for the job was fair. The team was very professional and finished the job within the estimated time frame. I recommend them highly .

John - Winthrop, MA