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Your own personal property manager, to help you be Smarter
Starting at $99/month

A single person who is actively helping monitor property maintenance, finding personalized ways for you to save money, helping manage any project, and just make owning a home easy. Featuring:

  • Annual property inspection, analysis, and recommended capital, improvement and expense planning
  • Dedicated Virtual Handyman to help answer questions, and accomplish everything related to your property
  • Virtual/Video calling to experienced pros to help with quick quick fixes, or answer questions before a pro even step in your home
  • Proactively searching for savings on everything you need for your home
  • Access to all the Professionals You Could Ever Need
  • Free review and analysis of all proposals from non-Housequarters pros
  • Options for full service management, home, and service audits
  • Project preference from the alliance and preferred pricing on Neighborhood Buys
  • 24/7 Online Access to see what is going on in your home

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Smarter Homeowner

Full Digital Dashboard

Regular Insurance Policy Review and Management

Access to Top Pros in all trades and services

Capital Improvement Project Management

Dedicated Virtual Handyman

Real-time Record Keeping

Proactive Cost Reduction and Efficiency Analysis

Annual Property Inspection and Analysis

Average Homeowner Time Requirement 10-15 Hours/Month 2-4 Hours/Month!!
Average Regular Expense Savings $0 5-15% of Current Expenses

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