Our Background ...

The current system for buying, owning, maintaining and selling a home is not simple nor straightforward. A homeowner needs to work with dozens of different vendors who do not talk to each other, and only do very specific things, if you can actually get their attention to help you out. While specialization can be a positive, isolation is not.

Having been contractors, brokers, insurance agents, technologists, entrepreneurs and homeowners, we know the challenges from all sides, and we know this can be done smarter.

Housequarters is the next generation property manager, made of an alliance of every pro you could ever need for your home. We are able to give personalize property ownership and management to homeowners and smaller condo associations. Our approach helps you effectively maintain your property, lower ownership costs, and plan for the big things that might come up in the future.

We love fixing things. We love homes. We love finding ways to make things easier. We love making complex systems, simple.

We use real professionals and innovative solutions to deliver the information, guidance and products and services you need to make homeownership easier.

We Work Hard, So You Can Own Smart!

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By the Numbers

Housequarters is the only technology-enabled property management company where we are not referring you lists of vendors or selling your "leads" to contractors. Our alliance members are also owners in the company and are experts in their field. During our Alpha phase, we are only licensed to offer many of our direct services in Massachusetts. For Massachusetts customers, these are the numbers that you will want to know:

  • MA Brokerage: #423407
  • MA Insurance Producer: #1997713
  • MA Construction Supervisor License #CS-110463 (Unrestricted)
  • MA Home Improvement Contactor: #197698
  • MA Notary Public
  • MA Lead-Safe Renovation Contractor: #LR003551

Doership Apprentice Program

- Doership Apprentice Program